This is how your cat shows his love to you


Have you ever wonder if your kitty loves you as much as you do? Let’s check out 5 common ways that a cat shows his love and affection:


1. Bunting:

If your puss wants to say “I love you pretty much!” to you, he will bump his head on you. This action is known as “bunting”. It is a cute action to signify ownership and affection of the feline.

2. Eyes:

When you see your kitty’s droopy eyes and slow blinking, don’t understand it as a sign of boredom. It is the feline’s kisses! It shows their trust and affection, so let’s blink slowly back at them to reciprocate.

3. Surprise gifts:

Have you ever received a dead insects and pests from your kitty? All of those “things” are your cat’s hunting trophies which he wants to make you proud of him. So just give him a good scratch on his head.


4. Kneading:

If your cat’s front paws start kneading the ground or you, this is a comforting action that it learnt during kittenhood. The rhythmic motion helps kittens with nursing and relaxing.

5. Tails:

Another way to know about your cat’s love is through his tail. Loving felines often wrap their tail softly around you, or hold it up straight with a slight curve at the tip.