Fastest ways to burn your belly fat



Nowadays, not only women worry about belly fat, men also try to workout to get toned and attractive body.

The following tips from Personal Trainer and Bio-Synergy ambassador Kellie Barnett will help you not abstain too much while reducing fat and owning six-pack abs.

Get enough sleep


Staying up late and not get enough sleep will also cause you to gain weight because our Leptin levels (keeps the appetite low) decrease and our Ghrelin (stimulates the appetite) increases. Therefore, sleep on time will help metabolism going strong and easier, which will help burn calories and lose belly fat significantly.

Divide into several small meals

One of the easiest things you can do to lose belly fat is dividing your meal into several small meals. It can help you consume calories and limit fat accumulation.

Eat cottage cheese or protein before going to sleep



Cottage cheese contains casein protein which can help you digest gradually and keep your metabolism ‘ticking over’ during the night. You could also try adding in a scoop of whey such as Bio-Synergy Whey Better Banoffee.

Drink coffee or green tea in the morning


Green tea contains antioxidants are very effective and very good for health. It can help stimulate your metabolism as well as aid digestion.

In addition to green tea, coffee is also recommend by a lot of nutrition experts to use for losing weight effectively. Pure coffee is good for reducing belly fat, burn fat and aid in digestion.

Combine workouts

Workouts is the best way to help your body consume energy to avoid fat accumulation. The sports help reduce belly fat which you should to refer: jogging, swimming, high-intensity exercises such as cardio is also recommended. Every day you do not need to take too much time for workouts, take about 40 minutes for each exercise you will gain unexpected effect.