Doing these things and you will have a happy long life



According to experts, stress is one of the most dangerous factors for our health. If you don’t know how to change your habits more positive and good for your health, please refer to the following things. Do a few small changes in the to-do list for the day, you will achieve great results in the future.

Turn off electrical devices when not needed


Electrical devises cause our bodies to go into a state of stress. If exposed to the electrical devices or let them turn on during sleep will affect the stability of the brain, making the body unable to secrete the hormone oxytocin, can disrupt your sleep.

You should also turn off unnecessary electrical equipment such as computers, fax, phone charger or copier. All these devices create magnetic and can affect your health, such as causing headaches, anxiety, fatigue…

Laugh more



Laughter is really good for your health and mental state. “Many studies show that laughter boosts our energy, decreases stress hormones, improves immunity and diminishes pain.”- Leading UK nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville said.

Exercise in moderation


Somebody do hard exercise, even strenuous exercise to only hope that getting a nice body in a short time. But in reality, why? This type of exercise can make you more tired.

You should take the time to exercise for the purpose of maintaining long-term health than it is to have the most beautiful body in short time. Start with gentle movements like walking or yoga. Avoid overtraining and hard training before bed, it will affect your sleep.