4 Make Up Styles That Are Perfect For The Summer


Apart from foundation dripping down your cheeks heat, summer can be wonderful with these looks. We make the case with four make up styles that reach maximum gorgeousness after a few hours outdoors. Let’s check it out!

The Stain

There’s an easy way and an extra-easy way to recreate this sweet Giles look. Easy way: Using your fingers, blot on a lip and cheek stain, concentrating the liquid in the center of the mouth. Extra-easy way: Eat a Popsicle. The longer it sits, the more it seeps in, giving rosy, makeout mouth vibes.


The Eye Gloss

This Marc by Marc Jacobs show had really great beauty, okay? The point of this unconventional model pic is to show you the eye gloss, which you can achieve by patting Eight Hour Cream or something similarly dewy in the middle of the lid. Even as the rest of you gets sweatier, you’ll still have a different kind of shine highlighting part of the face.


The New Bronzer

Sure, Fei Fei Sun’s skin is perfectly matte here, but give her a place in the sun, and her low-on-the-cheek bronzer situation will look even better. Normally, you’d suck in your cheeks then sweep powder in the hollow to contour, but when you put blush or bronzer underneath the cheekbone, it creates a sexy natural flush.



The Eyeliner

True model beauty trick: Trace eyes with liner, then get in the shower so it stains the waterline. We’re cheating by applying kohl normally, smudging a bit, then mostly forgetting about it.



Source: elle.com